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The Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee

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Dale Hollow Lake is adjacent to the plateau. Its waters are remarkably pure and clear. The Big South Fork Recreational Area extends also well into Kentucky. On the southern part, and just across the county line going from Fentress into Morgan on highway 52 is the English settlement of Rugby.

In the upper eastern part of the plateau is Scott County .

Go into White County and off the plateau to get to Rock Island Park and Cumberland Caverns. To learn more about these and many of the other locations listed here, see "Advice on Visiting Cumberland County".

To the west and north of White County is Putnam County and its county seat, Cookeville. On the southwest fork of the plateau are Grundy and Marion Counties. And on the southeast fork are Pikeville in Bledsoe County and Dunlap in Sequatchie County. You can read more about the geography of the Sequatchie Valley here.

There are no large cities on the plateau. For directories of information about the two closest, see Chattanooga and Knoxville .

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